Saturday, 28 August 2010

Intellectual Power Nap

After almost one year of academic inactivity...I am back among books...or word it better I am supposed to be among books...In the previous year the only books I ever laid hands were 4 few novels of which one I did not bother to complete....Academic inactivity is an interesting phrase strictly speaking the academic inactivity began long before.....and inactivity leaving alone the academic part inactivity never existed....though strictly most of the activity was online...more precisely social networking.....the year wasted as in a academician's point of view was more rewarding and enriching than the previous 21 years of activity....The single worst issue taking an year off is the sympathy,empathy and antipathy you get.. ..the auntie who has a son working in the US with the same degree....the uncle who has a son who lost his job recession and the guy who chose a similar course, considering me as a role model after the tremendous success in the engineering entrance exam,now thinks I spoiled his life......and on and on and on and on...what the bloody hell am I to do...but thats not is my social responsibility to answer...though CAT preparations was a good enough excuse for the first half of the year...after the CAT result that looked like a lame excuse....reason quite obviously the number of IIM calls I received.....JMET came as saving grace.........though I had no hope of making it to the IITs it was a good excuse for an almost all India tour....dubbed Varshik IIT Darsan by a friend............the trips were more enjoyable by an ideology driven very excitable anarchist who is somewhere a cross between a John Lennon and Che Guevara....and sings Chora Veena Mannil and Dum Maro Dum in the same breath.....and more importantly supporting a rival color in English football......though I battled fierce my team let me down last moment and had to concede defeat.....the battle he won..we won the last 3 times and war will never be over.........The other issue taking the year off is a continually dwindling number in partners of crime....starting off with the whole gang and ending up in loneliness...with the last screwed up soul getting a life exactly one week before I got mine....for someone who believed that 2 is a company....30 is a bigger company....this was difficult though social networking filled most holes....and it filled the holes better than I thought.....some of the Online friends as good as real.... :) had a good part in my being sane though we drove each other insane more often than not.....:) Something else that kept me going was Amma who never complained about my inactivity and believed(or pretended to believe) all the ridiculously fabricated bull crap about my plans for future.....The there was WC football and the war of words that preceded and followed matches and the desperate get away status updates once your team was out spiced up the last few weeks of the year off....

Now in a prestigious institute..though students still argue about how prestigious the course is and how bright or dark their future would be and with all conversations from girls to flushes that don't work inevitably ending up in placements..I am concerned about something else..something I miss a lot and may be miss all my life...the state of inactivity......the one I call...a strategic time out......or my Intellectual Power Nap

Note:During the last one year of doing apparently nothing it never occurred to me that I could restart my blog....the philosophy being..........when you are inactive be inactive....don't write....:P