Saturday, 9 May 2009

Watching the Most Expected Movie of the Year on the First Day

Here is my experience of how I watched the most expected movie of the year right on the first day.This is a movie in which one of the best actors in India acted and directed by the someone who once knew to his job now trying to be a shadow of what he was,the movie was produced by the right hand man of the above mentioned actor and scripted by the worst scenarist of Malayalam but still a very successful one.Now the movie was released on Aug 15 2007 there were two marches in the city that day one by DYFI(that was where I saw the man who is accused of the hugest corruption charges speak about USA and the nuclear deal to an audience who were clapping not knowing what was being spoken but jokes apart he did a god job we never felt like leaving the place ) and the other one by NDF(who played the National anthem in a typical Vijay movie song to which the DYFI supporters danced quite as good as Vijay).It was the marriage of a friend's sister(I got out of my home siting this as the reason)

6:30 AM Got out of house(reson had to attend friend's sister's marriage at Kottayam)without having breafast or even tea for that matter

7:15 Thampanoor checks whether Sreekumar theater is full(only one show there so no point in waiting there )

7:20 New theatre.Meets a friend there the other regular for the premier shows and his idol is the same actor too and the more extremist fan. A huge 60 ft cutout of the actor wearing yellow shirt and white mundu and almost about 150 fan' association flex board,queue almost empty there is no queue only a few guys standing near the gate which would open later to make the queue.

8:00 Queue grows,the third musketeer has not yet arrived.Late as usual,called him umpteen times no responses queue is about 100 people strong now still there is no rush

8:20 Third guy arrives places him strategically in the queue(not exactly a queue a crowd or a mob would be the better word now a few hundred people strong)

9:00 The first guy and me holding on to the gate which would ultimately open to let us in there are a 50 hands holding on to me and 50 others holding on to each of the guys holding on to us.And all of us in the most awkward positions we have ever been till date.If u did not know how many bones you had now it was easy just count the places it pained.In the crowd someone made a failed attempt in taking another guys purse was spotted and bashed....

10:00 Having no breakfast taking its toll.I can't see properly and could easily judge that glucose levels were going down i am feeling giddy hearing sounds and sweating like hell

10:15 Can't take it any more decides to change theaters and have something to drink.Never in my life has the Himachal Pradesh Government apple juice you get in bus stand been so tasty it was like having the elixir of life.On the way saw the procession carrying the actors pictures flex etc with a band and an elephant carrying the actors huge picture

10:20 SreeVishakh queue(here we really had a proper queue)finds a friend in queue joins him.There are a few foul mouthed police men running around one now here it was more orderly people where not pushing a pulling for nothing.But for someone on the back of that queue had no chance to watch the movie

10:30 Thirsty again goes to the near by restaurant .one lime 5 Rs no change so gives a 100 Rs note..the person does not give balance so in anger leaves with the note..without paying

10:40 Re enters queue same position (forced entry).

10:50 Police man tries to make the queue a bit more ordered and some moron pushes me out of queue get a whole set praise from the Police man and a whack with the cane...thank God i wore jeans sad thing I am out of queue

11:00 Counter opens Police men strict no one can make a forced entry.Then suddenly one of them look some where else and I made my way into the queue and acts as if I was there always....

11:05 Get tickets.the hall looks like a Thrissur pooram what festivities join some of them........

11:15 Finally the movie is on

12:30 Interval .Orders AK 47s for the scenarist from the local guns dealer

2:00 Finally movie is over.Cancels the order.How could I kill morons that too with an AK47

Bus charges:11:00 Rs
Ticket rates:30Rs
apple juice and lime juice:17 Rs
SMS warning to other prospective costumers of the 'Most Expeted Movie of the Year': < 10 Rs
The feeling of being F***ed :priceless

2:15 Have lunch

2:30 Second movie of the day.This time just to watch the actress (a girl from Thiruvalla....Real name:name of the people's princess..Adopted name: 9 star) hot.

4:45 Have the satisfaction atleast one movie turned out to be as expected

5:00 Watch the marches NDF and DYFI has some comic relief after the hectic 'Most Expeted Movie of the Year'

6:00.Home ,Takes bath,Much needed sleep

6:00 and many times in between :Wakes up with the nightmare of me burning money