Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Defiance Thy Name is Beef Fry

Beef Fry in this context is not a code for some romanticized revolution, or of a heroic revolutionary it is just the fried meat of a cow (note the point….of a cow). How it becomes synonymous with defiance is more than clear for anyone who has been in India (except for a few places of course)  and tried to find beef fry(or for that matter anything beef or many other good things in life) . In India, at least for many of us , beef fry is a mode of defiance against right wing conservatism and its sympathizers and a regime that is fast moving towards right and of course backwards ( Curious Case of Bharat Ganrajya) . For the people who frown how something trivial like beef fry can be a symbol of defiance must realize that one of the most influential people of the last century chose salt as his symbolic defiance when taking on an empire where arguably the Sun never set. So every time we have a beef fry it is an act of defiance against a lot of people who impose their whims on us….Viva la revoluciĆ³n.

Studies prove that(to be read as ‘my observations’) beef fry is a popular delicacy in more liberal parts of the country which has withstood pressure and has let its citizens eat what they want(This bracket would have said ‘Read Kerala’ but  that would be nepotism and injustice to the other states  . From personal experience, beef fry is one of the most delicious food I have eaten and eating beef fry is one of those things that would figure in my “Hundred Things You Must Definitely Do before You Die” List. It is a shame that most of my country men do not get a chance to even try a beef fry before  they die and even the ones who have tried and liked it does not get a chance to enjoy it as often as they want to. It is not fair by any standards that so many people have to suffer because some people think that is the right thing to do, so much for democracy.

I have come across, fundamentalists, doctors, fundamentalist doctors and fundamentalists posing as doctors arguing against eating beef. The doctors usually call beef unhealthy and  I wouldn't claim that beef is the most healthy food on the planet-that would be being fundamentalist, but I would say the taste is divine enough to ignore this threat- and of course as a matter of fact beef is not the worst health threat these days. And for the argument of the War Lords who have taken up weapon to defend the chastity of the culture, it is their ignorance of culture that reflects mostly in their arguments. India as we always boast has a multi-cultured demography; though the cultures have been influenced by some common events in history each part of the country has unique legacies. In other words, the Indian culture you have taken arms for is not a single entity; it is a collection of a many cultural entities each with its own soul and existence, denying the ancestry and legacy of one of these entities as good as denying the same for the collective entity as well. The people of my state-Kerala and many other states have traditionally have had beef as food and as much as you have the right to not eat beef it is ours to eat beef. Also to be noted is that the earlier texts , the ones before the ass holes took over the religion/culture , state that cow slaughter or beef eating was more or less common place even in the higher strata of the society. The irony here is that the protectors of culture who expect you to worship you  what you eat deny you the right to actually eat what you worship…Really Fhat the Wuck.

Living without beef fry , for even the most ardent fans , is not entirely impossible , but the point of the defiance is that nobody can stop us from doing what we like just because  vocal and violent mob does not like it. A mob isn't considerate or reasonable, it is never sympathetic it does not stop-not even when its whims are done and more importantly its whims are endless. Which makes more sense to not yield to their whims. And the mob that tries to take the beef away from you has proven itself a cowardly mob , they bite only when they rule the state or otherwise does not even dare to bark. Giving up freedoms to this mob would be the worst any self respecting beef lover could do. And beef wouldn't definitely be the end of it, they will go forward until deny us everything they fancy as taboo. The non-beef eaters who are indifferent to the revolution would then realize the value of this defiance.   

But then through all these the defiance stands. The beef fry will be kept alive for the future. The kids of the future will dearly remember the defiant few who stood against an oppressive majority in preserving the beef fry for them to enjoy…… Viva la revoluciĆ³n….

Tail Piece: Beef Fry being used for symbolism is just because of my preference to beef , it can be anything. A beef fry denying regime is only as bad a chicken denying or a mutton denying or even a pork denying regime….

PS: When I take over as Ruler of the World , I expect my mom to write an article 'Defiance Thy Name is Lady Finger'

Note As the name suggests, this was intended to be a humerous article , but I was overwhelmed by emotions , this became what it is now, lost mid way...I apologize